Ceresio Foundation

We are a family foundation linked to Ceresio Investors.

Knowing that we are just a drop in the ocean, we sustain non-profit organizations aiming at supporting fragile people near and far from us and assisting communities through education. Through an evidence-based approach, we build solid and lasting relationships based on trust with partners and beneficiaries. We draw inspiration from the traditions of professionalism that have distinguished the Foglia family in its entrepreneurial activity.



    We carry out a careful analysis of the non-profit organizations active in the identified territories, aiming to donate where our donations are most effective. We believe it is essential that our objectives are aligned with those of the beneficiary entities.

    We independently carry out the selection of non-profit organizations that we support, we do not publish new tenders and we do not accept specific requests.

    Therefore, we do not accept unsolicited funding requests.
    We support organizations operating in Ticino, Insubria and Northern Uganda.
    We build solid and lasting relationships based on trust with partners and beneficiaries.
    We adopt a supporting strategy that goes beyond the logic of the single project: it is oriented towards a general support of non-profit organizations.
    We carry out a constant evaluation and analysis of the results with an evidence based approach, based on objective results.
    We are open to collaborate with other donors and are part of both national and international umbrella associations. We are convinced that cooperation within philanthropy is key to be  more effective. We collaborate with the Ticino Network of Donor Foundations, we are members of the Swiss Foundation and partners of FOSIT.
    We actively involve Board members in every funded project.


Married with five children, Swiss and Italian citizen, after high school diploma at the Cantonal High School of Lugano Maria Alessandra graduated in Law at the Catholic University of Milan. Since 1993 she has been involved in cooperation and has founded a small NGO with projects in Albania.

She has been a member of the Technical Commission of FOSIT. As co-author she has published the manual "Operational Tools for Development Cooperation Projects".

In 2009 she founded Insitor Seed, a fund that invests in high social impact companies in South East Asia. Today she sits on the Advisory Committee of Insitor Impact Asia Fund.

She has been actively involved in donations to the Ceresio Foundation since 2004.

Born in 1960, a Swiss and Italian citizen, Antonio has been a member of the Board of Directors of Banca del Ceresio since 2010. An economics graduate from Bocconi University,  he was a Managing Director and Chairman of Banca del Ceresio’s Management Committee until 2010. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of Belgrave Capital Management, Ceresio SIM and Global Selection SGR. Antonio is also a member of the investment committee for the Group’s multi-manager funds.  He holds various other positions, including as a member of the Board of Directors, Trustee or consultant  for  private companies, universities, funds  and foundations. He occasionally writes on finance issues in leading newspapers. He is a Member of the Foundation Board since 2004.

Married and mother of 5, Swiss and Italian citizen, after the scientific diploma at the high school of Lugano, she graduated in medicine at the University of Lausanne and then continued her training at the University of Geneva and at Imperial College in London. In 1998 she obtained the FMH specialization in pediatrics with special interest in pediatric neonatology. Before and after her doctorate at the University Hospital of Geneva, she undertook several working experiences in Switzerland, Africa and England where she contributed to the publication of research articles in neuro-neonatology. She has been a member of the Ceresio Foundation Council since 2004.

Swiss and Italian citizen, married with three children, Alessandra graduated from the University of St. Gallen with a specialization in banking sciences. After several years of professional experience in a Swiss bank and a long stay abroad, she returned to Lugano to work with social projects. Firstly as a committee member and treasurer of an NGO active in Albania, then becoming a member of the Board of the Ceresio Foundation in 2010, where she is involved with social projects and training in Switzerland. She also sits on the Board of Fidinam Foundation and Francis Foundation for Social Aid. Since 2014 she has been an active member of the National Committee of the Swiss food aid association Tavolino Magico and founded the Association of Friends of the Arnaboldi Childhood Center.

Married with two daughters, Italian and Swiss citizen, Alberta  graduated from the University of Pavia in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology. She then graduated from the School of Advanced Studies in Pharmacology and obtained the qualification to practice as a pharmacist.

She has professional experiences both as a researcher in the pharmaceutical sector and as a pharmacist in Italy and Switzerland.

She has been a member of the Ceresio Foundation Board since 2015 where she actively participates in the selection and management of several projects.

Together with other members of the Council, she is involved in the search and selection of new training opportunities and economic support, through scholarships. In addition, she is dedicated to communicating with the young students supported by the Foundation throughout their training.

Giacomo Foglia holds a Law Degree from Statale University, Milan (1988) and is a member of the Italian Association of Financial Analysts. He joined Banca del Ceresio in 1991 after several professional experiences in various banks in New York. He serves on the boards of some ofCeresio Inverstor’s Group and is a director of Haussmann General Partner S.a.r.l.

Born in 1956, Swiss citizen, Raffaele has been a member of the Executive Board since 2014. After some brief banking experiences, in 1987 he joined a well-known auditing company where he obtained the Federal Diploma of Accounting Expert (1992) and reached the role of Senior Manager. In 1998 he joined Banca del Ceresio as head of the Legal & Compliance department before being appointed Director in charge of the Compliance & Risk Control unit in 2014. He is the Secretary of the Foundation.

Operational Committee

Maria Alessandra Solaro del Borgo, Alessandra Niedecker, Alberta Sosio, Raffaele Martinelli, Carla Enrica Foglia, Giulia Solaro del Borgo.


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