We are a Swiss banking group specializing in the management of large assets, custody for private and institutional clients and corporate advisory. We are active in Lugano, Milan and London through the Banca del Ceresio, Ceresio SIM, Global Selection SGR, Eurofinleading Fiduciaria and Belgrave Capital Management.


We have a long and successful history in managing alternative funds. From day one we were dedicated to the selection of talented managers all over the world. We were among the promoters of George Soros' Quantum Endowment Fund and are still partners in managing some of the Rothschild Family’s alternative funds.

The third generation of the founder Antonio Foglia continues the activity preserving its original values: professional competence, confidentiality and minimization of conflicts of interest.

Capital strength (Simplified Leverage ratio 19.7%), excellent management reputation (€ 8.4 billion in assets under management) and the co-investment logic between Property and customers represent our distinctive elements.


181 mln CHF



Simplified Leverage ratio

8.4 bn CHF

Assets under management



Financial statement data as of 09/30/2022

The Group

Scientific and civil commitments

Being an entrepreneur also means committing oneself to the economic and cultural development of the context in which one operates. We do this, not only economically, but by supporting institutions dedicated to scientific research or the promulgation of culture in the long term.